Your Captains

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Captain Lance

Lance Dildine is a former professional yacht racer and world-class sculler. He started yacht racing after meeting San Francisco native son Paul Cayard and Dennis Connor in 1997-98 during The Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race. Cap'n Lance moved to San Francisco in 1999 and under the wing of Australian sailing coach, Rod Hagerbols, went pro in 2005 racing for Skippers in San Francisco and San Diego as a highly competitive helmsman, trimmer and tactician.

In 2006, Lance raced against his nemesis, Dennis Connor in San Diego who was at the helm of Stars and Stripes 87 (the same yacht used to reclaim the America’s Cup against the Australians in 1987). Cap'n Lance is always keen to make sure everyone on the boat is having the best time imaginable under the safest possible conditions.

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Captain Glen

Glen Williams holds a US Coast Guard 100 ton Master Captain License and lives with his wife on board their boat "Sirena Gordita" in Sausalito.  Glen has been in and around boats for most of his life.  As a boy Glen spent time on his uncle's famous schooner "Talofa" in San Francisco Bay. As a young man he worked for a number of years as a commercial fisherman in Alaska following the herring runs from Sitka to Nome in the spring then following the salmon runs all the way back to Southeast Alaska.  He sailed FJ's at University of California Santa Cruz and shortly thereafter he and his wife bought their first liveaboard sailboat and logged countless days exploring the San Francisco Bay.  Over the years Glen has completed boat deliveries up and down the California coast; he has sailed the Chesapeake Bay; explored the San Juan Islands by boat; and completed several sailing trips in Mexico - including the invigorating trip from Huatulco to Guatemala and El Salvador alongside the season's first named hurricane.  Glen is an easy going and fun-loving captain who is always thinking of ways to share his love of being on the water with guests in a casual and safe environment.